CGL- Cyprus Gemological Laboratory

The diamond industry is a global business with significant influence on the global economy. The great development of the industry in the recent decades has brought with it the development of gemological laboratories, aimed on the evaluation and certification of diamonds, using a highly developed technology.

The Cyprus Gemological Laboratory / CGL is one of the most modern international gemological laboratories, providing high quality and absolute accuracy services in the diamond and gemstone market of the southeastern Mediterranean. Is member of a global family of modern gemological laboratories, playing an important role in the international and regional market of diamonds and gemstones.

It is significantly important for everybody to know the quality, the characteristics and the real value of a diamond or other precious stone he owns, by having an internationally recognized certificate.

Committed to the international rules, the CGL issues evaluation confirmations and certificates only for natural and not for artificial diamonds. A confirmation or a certificate issued by the Cyprus Gemological Laboratory is an internationally recognized guarantee document, due to the scientific knowledge, the top-of-the-line equipment and the high quality professional training of the specialized personnel.

The CGL has the right equipment, the expertise and the experience to provide accurate and certified information on every diamond and gemstone ensuring and enhancing thereby its purchasing and commercial value.

We provide a full range of identification, evaluation and certification of diamonds.

The close cooperation between the Cyprus Gemological Laboratory and the International Gemology Association, the Canadian Institute of Gemology, as well as other top international laboratories, the experience, the global appreciation earned, and the unique technical equipment, established the CGL as a major regional gemological laboratory, with significant contribution to the growth and development of diamonds market.

The guarantee of providing high quality services by CGL is also signed by the multidisciplinary knowledge of its expert scientists and the continuous cooperation of the CGL with the biggest gemological laboratories around the world.

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