Aris Tsiropoulos is a Professional Gemologist (he has a professional level of proficiency in the science of gemology) of the International Gem Society (I.G.S) who ensures and preserves the values of all gems, being a specialist in diamonds.

As a result, he issues valid and recognized certificates, with absolute responsibility and absolute seriousness in the name of the science of Gemology.

His laboratory, CGL, (Cyprus Gemological Laboratory), is equipped with modern technology and precision instruments. Having personal experience, expertise and partners in all the major diamond mining, processing and manufacturing centres in West and East, gives him the opportunity to supply the market with diamonds and jewelry of guaranteed quality and authenticity that satisfy all the high standards set.

He founded Aris Tsiropoulos Ltd in 1990, with the focus to import and trade diamonds, precious stones and jewelry in a wholesale base covering the needs of the local market. In 2004 he entered the retail market with the establishment of his own Jewelry shop in 3, John Kennedy Avenue in Nicosia.


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